qgis 0.8.1 版本发布


It is our great pleasure to announce the immediate availability of Quantum GIS (QGIS) Version 0.8.1. The release includes numerous bug fixes and stability improvements to the 0.8 code base. QGIS is available is source form, and will be available as binary executables for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux. All versions can be obtained from our download page. If the version for your platform is not available please check back in a day or two as some packages are still being built. Many thanks to all the developers who worked so hard to make this release a reality.


Whats New in 0.8.1
Version 0.8.1 is primarily a bug fix release. Some of the changes include:

* Numerous bug fixes
* Improvements in how segment lengths appear in the measure tool. The current segment length is shown/updated in the list of segments
* Improvement to zoom-in speed for rasters
* Improve line/area measuring behaviour when the user has been informed that they are probably using the wrong projection for the map canvas
* Added tooltips to the scale and coordinate position displays in the status bar
* Removed ugly console on WIN32 when not debugging
* Added icons to all GRASS tools. All GRASS tools are now on the toolbar
* New GRASS modules added to the GRASS toolbox
* The GRASS plugin is now fully internationalized
* Launcher plugin added to core plugins