hi, how to display avatar gallery? It is not shown in my phpbb3 forum.
and I have change the images/avatars/gallery to mode 777
I can upload avatar from my computer, and that does work.
Have you enabled the gallery avatar setting in the Admin control panel?
yes, I do
and the gallery images are inside subforums inside the gallery folder?
sorry, I don't understand your meaning.
the images do not just go inside the gallery folder
they have to be inside subfolders
the images are in images/avatars/gallery/ directory
so they must inside a sub-directory?
they need to be in subfolders so for example /gallery/cars/
the subfolders become the categories in gallery selection part of the UCP
so inside images/avatars/gallery/ you need other folders which will then contain the images
oh, yeah, it does work now! thank you, karlsemple !


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