目前的flash palyer 7.0在FIREFOX 2.0b1中播放youtube的视频时总是有问题:


If it makes you feel a bit more at ease, youtube occasionally freezes firefox on my computer as well. I’m using firefox with aoss (I start firefox by using ‘aoss firefox’) and it had been working until recently. Sometimes things go really well, some other times it just hangs.

I’m using firefox 1.5.05 with Shockwave Flash 7.0 r25. I noticed it started to hang recently, when youtube added those fancy video links at the end of the movies.

My guess, however, is that flash support for linux is buggy, and not youtube’s code. It hangs as well on some other flashes randomly. It also happens when I’m not using it through aoss.

I noticed that it freezes a lot less when there is no audio playing or it isn’t on that fancy screen with video links at the end of the movie, so I usually start and pause the video before switching pages.

By the way, does macromedia ever intends to release an update for linux flash?

估计这个问题可能是FLASH 7和9之间的不兼容问题?
google了一下,又发现了另外一个有趣的内容,定制UBUNTU的LIVE CD,这个是FLASH9的开发人员的一个BLOG。


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